Easter in Rome and Florence 🏛🍕🇮🇹

Romance, Dolce Vita, CoolTour!

18-22 April 2019

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Days, programmes

Day 1 – Apr. 18. (thur.) – the day of departure

Places to get on (on the way back these will be the stops on the opposite sides)


  • Budapest. , Déli pu., Vagon restaurant 19.00 +M7 rests
  • Székesfehérvár , Fehérvári rest 60th km, approx. 20.15
  • Siófok , Szabadi rest 101th km, approx. 20.45
  • Balatonlellei rest, 138th km, MOL, approx. 21.00

For Universities and bigger groups of friends, there are unique and tailored dates and other requirements available! Join as an organiser for a school and enjoy your trip for free!

3 days before the trip, an e-mail will be sent to you that includes the names of the tour guides, their accessibility and the date and place of the meeting. Always look into your spam and promotions folders as well for our messages!

A fine night on the bus ; we’ll make friends with the sceneary and each other also some good music and movies.

Day 2 – Apr. 19. (fri.) – Florence


The first half of the day

Coffee break in Firenze and some sightseeing in groups or individually (Old bridge – Palazzo Girolami – Piazza della Signoria – Uffizi – Dome square).

The Dome and the museums require tickets, visiting them individually! It is recommended to purchase your ticket(s) online so that you can skip the queue! /details under the payables tab!/

We’ll arrive to Firenze in the morning (around 10-11 am) and continue our travels in the afternoon (at around 1-2 pm)

The second half of the day

Booking in Rome’s suburbs, and when all is said and done we’ll get some welcome drinks dedicated to Italy’s culture to start the night off – Limoncello, Amaretto, Grappa, Aperol etc.

Day 3 – Apr. 20. (sat.) – antique romance 1.0


In the morning

We’ll visit Vatikan, the home of the pope! Ferrari’s headliner will be chasing us ’till Sixtus, where Michaelangelo is waving at us then some free roaming in the world of art!

By the time we are finished you can continue living this experience outside; COOLtour will take you to the outdoor museum! The group will be heading to Saint Peter’s square where we’ll walk the angels’ ways.

Vatikan – Saint Peter’s square– Castel Sant’Angelo – Piazza Navona – Pantheon – Capitolium – Forum Romanum – Colosseum.

The visiting of each sight indoors are done on your own in every case! The group will meet up at a previously discussed place and time! If you visit the museums in Vatikan, you won’t miss out on the sightseeing either.

Tickets can be purchased online or on set, at the Colosseum, the guides will show some pro tips!

Day 4 – Apr. 21. (sun.) – antique romance 2.0


In the Morning

After leaving the hotel, there are multiple programmes to choose from (individually or in groups).

Some eye training, everlasting Piazza del Popolo, Pincio of Rome, wide plates and wild dreams breaking out making an impact that leaves you „wow”.

The 2000 years old Pantheon is the sickest church in the world, Trevi will not leave you dry either, you’ll throw a coin over your shoulder!

Plenty of time

For selfies, sticks, Aperol Spritz, post from astonishing places, have some virgin olive, make friends, get a tan, chill or roam in groups or individually!

Late at night (around 11 pm)

We’ll head home via bus stuffed with experiences.

Day 5 – Apr. 22. (mon.) – Ljubljana


Ljublja Anna wakes us in the morning then we are headed to the heart of the town for a relaxing breakfast. Couple hours later the trip’ll continue home.

Expectedly we’ll arrive home somewhere between 5-7 pm.

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Neccessities / Useful things

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Valid passport / ID

Your friends

Good mood

Some food

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