The Famous Venice Carnival 🎭🎊

The carnival awaits you on 3 weekends!

15-17 Feb / 22-24 Feb / 1-3 March

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9.990 HUF

Join now and enjoy! 😊


Days, programs

Don’t need to be student, all you need is a valid passport!


  • 15-17th of Feb. – Valentine's weekend
  • 22-24th of Feb. – Friends weekend
  • 1-3th of Marc. – Closing ceremony

DAY 1.

15th of Feb. (Friday) / 22nd of Feb. (Friday) / 1st of Marc. (Friday)

Meeting and Boarding points

Budapest, Blaha Lujza square (21:15) + along M7 motorway

  • Székesfehérvár , “Fehérvári pihenő” 60th km, Shell (approx. 22:00)
  • Siófok , “Szabadi pihenő” 101st km (approx. 22:20)
  • Balatonlelle, 138th km, MOL-Marché gas station (approx. 22:50)
  • Zalakomár i pihenő, 194th km, INA gas station (approx. 23:50)
  • Sormás i pihenő, 215th km, the night from Friday to Sunday (approx. 00:30)

Pécs , Uránvárosi Tesco - „Makay István út 5” (15th of Feb. – 21.30)

  • Szentlőrinc , road 6, Jókai Mór u. 4 ( 15th of Feb. – 21.50)
  • Szigetvár , railway station ( 15th of Feb. – 22.00)

Miskolc , Sajó-híd, Shell-gas station, József Attila street 76. (1st of Marc. 16:30)
Debrecen , Kishegyes Tesco (1st of Marc. 18:00)

3 days before the departure the exact meeting point and time, name and contact info of the group leader (for each bus) will be sent by e-mail!

Please check your e-mails in other folders (Promotions, Spam etc.) to!

Our bus trip will be continuous during the night, with short pauses, bathroom breaks. On the bus there is no WiFi, but there is this great opportunity to make friends and get to know the others. Also you might listen to your music or we might show you a film during the journey.

DAY 2.

16th of Feb. (Saturday) / 23th of Feb. (Saturday) / 2nd of Marc. (Saturday)

We will arrive to Venice approx. 9-10 o ’clock , to the Piazzale Roma square/Santa Lucia station.

Optional sightseeing programmes in Venice.

  1. Casanova and the world of prostitutes, with mini gondola boat trip
  2. Marco Polo 1 hour boat trip on Canal Grande, discovering the city’s alleys tour
  3. Marco Polo extra 1 hour boat trip on Canal Grande, discovering the city’s alleys tour , visiting a glass factory and Lido’s beach

See details in Optional Programmes

If you wouldn’t like to participate in the optional programme, to you the whole day is spent individually, on your own.

We will head back home around 10-11 PM, therefore you will have the whole day to enjoy Venice!


DAY 3.

17th of Feb. (Sunday) / 24th of Feb. (Sunday) / 3rd of Marc. (Sunday)

We will arrive back to Budapest around 7 AM, to Debrecen arround 10 AM and Miskolc 11 AM.

Optional programs
Participation fee, pocket money
Useful information

What you'll need...

Valid passport / ID

Your friends

Good mood

Some food

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