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1 journey, 4 places, loads of experiences!

31 Oct – 3 Nov 2019

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19.990 HUF + €29 /person


Experiences, programs, nights & days

DAY 1 - 31th of Oct. (Thursday)


  • Budapest, Blaha Lujza square (20.15)

Stops on M6 Motorway:

  • Dunaújváros (71 kms, Petrol station ~21.45)
  • Paks (108 kms, Petrol station ~22.15)
  • Szekszárd (Bus station ~23.15)
  • Pécs (Árkád south entrance ~23.30)
  • Mohács (Bus station, Nov. 1. ~00.15 am)

3 days before the trip

We send the names and contacts of our Tour guides of each bus. Please look around in both „spam” and „promotion” folders!

We can start our buses from other cities if there are at least 40 passengers

For groups / organizers

Student Organizations at Universities/Schools/Communities/Group of friends/Group of organizers with individual discounts! 1 free space for every 10 people!

Apply for our organizer position and travel for free, with your friends, your love, or with friendly people! („organizer”)

Continuously travel with stops/toilet breaks.

DAY 2 – 1st of Nov. (Friday) - Mostar – Blagaj

Blagaj (optional)

Where the Buna fount is loacted. The river starts below the 200 metres high rocks. There is a monastery nearby which ghas a spectecular view. 1,5-2 hours in the nature is enough for sightseeing, refill ourselfs, grab a coffe and to wonder about the beuaties all around!


Short optional sightseeing tour in the downtown area, drinking, games and parties.
(1st night in Mostar)


DAY 3 – 2nd of Nov. (Saturday) - Mostar - Dubrovnik - Mostar

Facultative trip to „Game of Thrones City” , Dubrovnik

We will start from Mostar in the morning, arrive to Dubrovnik around 1-2 pm, free time or common sightseeing to some of the filming locations of Game of Thrones.

In the evening we’ll get back to the accomodation in Mostar. (2nd night in Mostar)


DAY 4 – 3rd of Nov. (Sunday) - Mostar - Sarajevo - Bp.

We’ll have a break at Sarajevo, what is the ante-room of the 1st World War.

Short sightseeing tour and tea, and with grateful meals with the moral of Baščaršija.

East-culture, old town feelings, and time travel to the beautiful Turkish past – get the great experience of the bazaar of the 15th centuries at Baščaršija! Around a 2-3 hours adventure in the center, then enjoy the beautiful view across the mountains at our accomodation in Mostar.

We will arrive to Budapest in the evening!

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