Springtime in Plitvice 🌼🌞💦

The Forest Awakens!

9 May 2020

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12.990 HUF /person


Days, Programs

DAY 1. – 9 May (Saturday)

Boarding Points:

  • Bp, Blaha L. tér (~00.30)
  • Budaörsi pihenő, Mol-kút (~01.15)
  • Székesfehérvár, Auchan (~01.45-02.00)
  • Siófok, Tesco, Vak Bottyán u. 27 (~02.15-02.30)
  • Balatonlellei pihenő, 138-as km Mol-kút (~ 02.45)
  • Nagykanizsa, Tesco, Boszorkány u. 2 (~03.45)
  • Letenye, Mol-kút, Bajcsy-Zs. E. u. 38. (~04.00)

DAY 1. – 9 May (Saturday)


We will walk along the beautiful forest, see it’s beautiful spring colours – we will see huge waterfalls, fascinating lakes, and discover Nature’s paths together . Meanwhile, we can also get to know each other as well.

Expected time of arrival back to Bp on 9th of May around midnight (till. 2 pm on 5th of May). The time of the arrivals is highly influenced by the time of the border crossing. Please take that into consideration.

Participation fee, Pocket money
Useful information

What you'll need...

Valid ID/Passport

Your friends

Good mood

Some food

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